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How do I get a real estate salesperson license in PA?

To obtain a Pennsylvania real estate salesperson license, you will need to meet several qualifications:

  • You must hold a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • You must pass a criminal background check.
  • You must take and pass two courses (Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Fundamentals).
  • You must apply for, take, and pass the state-administered licensing exam.

Read about these license requirements:

See the Commission website for its rules and regulations.

What real estate classes do I need to take?

You must take two courses to be eligible for the PA Real Estate Salesperson state licensing exam. One is called Real Estate Practice, which is 45 hours; the other, Real Estate Fundamentals, is 30 hours. You can start with either, but must complete both. You’ll take one exam per course on the content, and must pass each with a 70 or higher. You receive a transcript upon completion, which will allow you to apply and register for the state-administered Pennsylvania real estate license exam.

What will I learn in the classes?

Real Estate Practice

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In Practice, you’ll learn about ethics and anti-discrimination laws, agency, representing sellers, representing buyers, financing principles, qualifying for a mortgage loan, valuation of property, settling the real estate transaction, Pennsylvania-specific laws, licensure, and general practices, including the Licensing and Registration Act and Rules and Regulations of PA State Real Estate Commission.

Real Estate Fundamentals

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In Fundamentals, you’ll learn about land, real estate, and property, forms of property ownership, real estate ownership, private limitations on property rights, government interests in real property, environmental issues affecting real property, voluntary and involuntary alienation of property, leasing and property management, and investing in real property.

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Give me the best possible deal!

Career Start and Career Start Plus

That’s the name of our best deal for classroom education. With it you receive both courses you must have: Fundamentals and Practice, and accompanying books. Additionally you get an exam prep course to prepare for the licensing exam, and valuable use-at-home study materials. Upgrade to the “Career Start” plus and also get our “real world real estate” course: Best Start. Best Start includes an additional year one guidebook and a one day class that reviews helpful information and ideas to help get you up and running successfully in the real estate business.

PA Pre-Licensing Pkg. With CompuCram

That’s our best deal for online education. Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You get both courses you must have: Fundamentals and Practice; and the highly-rated CompuCram, a course to prepare for the licensing exam. No need to purchase books or other materials; everything’s online.

You can buy classroom and online courses individually, and even take one of each. It’s your choice!

Education’s complete! Now what?

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  • Finish both courses. Pass both course tests.
  • Use the transcript you receive, and a designated form, to apply for and take the state licensing exam.
  • The exam is offered at approved centers or via webcam proctoring.
  • It costs $49 every time to take the exam.
  • It consists of 120 questions divided into two sections. You have 3 hours to complete it. You must pass each section with a score of 75 or higher.
  • You’ll learn immediately at the testing center/online whether you passed, or must re-take the licensing exam.
  • If you pass, you’ll receive a receipt. Keep it to claim your license.
  • Remember, you must pass a criminal background check to verify your license eligibility, and you must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • You must be affiliated with a real estate broker in PA who will serve as a your legal supervisor.
  • You’ll interview with brokers as you would for any other job. Be comfortable with the broker you choose.
  • The state will mail your license to your broker. Now you can start work!

You’ll need to pass a criminal background check.

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