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Succeed With CompuCram, Our Exam Prep Course Online

A Readiness Gauge Measures Your Progress In This All-In-One Solution

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CompuCram: Proven Help To Pass PA's Real Estate License ExamSo, you’ve taken Pennsylvania’s real estate salesperson licensing exam and you didn’t pass. We’re here to tell you: Don’t give up hope.

The exam is tough, and purposely so. The state wants to be certain you’re well qualified to serve buyer and seller clients. The fact is, plenty of people every month don’t quite make it to exam stardom. Here’s the good news: there is proven help for those who are looking for an edge to pass the exam … and Polley Associates has it! Our solution, our exam-killer, is CompuCram.

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CompuCram is online sales exam prep software that combines vocabulary tools, practice testing and simulated exams into an all-in-one solution for test-takers. It’s inexpensive, only $79. It’s dynamically updated to ensure questions, answers and explanations you read are the most relevant, accurate and current available. It mirrors the experience of taking the actual test, and you’ll never see the same exam twice. Watch the video above to learn more.

But what’s best about CompuCram, we think, is its one-of-a-kind readiness indicator. The software actually tells you when you’re ready to take and pass the exam.

How’s it work? First the software presents a series of sample questions. It conducts an assessment to determine what you know and what you don’t, and your needs and weaknesses. Then it starts feeding you questions, asking you to match vocabulary terms with definitions, plays flash card games with you, and otherwise gets you involved in learning. With each answer you offer, it determines how well you understand the concepts involved and further fine tunes the educational experience.

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Watch the accompanying readiness gauge, and you’ll see it turn from red, to yellow, to green as it measures your progress. CompuCram predicts when you’re ready to succeed. And you can use it on almost any device: most desktop or laptop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Have questions? E-mail us at Call 1-800-220-2789, or fax 1-888-941-9500.

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