When enrolling in Polley Associates classes or courses, you agree to be bound by these policies:

Limits of liability

In all circumstances Polley Associates’ liability to issue refunds or apply credits for products, classes, or courses for any reason is limited solely to the original purchase amount or, if applicable, the unused portion of credit remaining, within 12 months of the original purchase date.

Class or course reservations

Polley Associates reserves the right at its discretion to limit class enrollments. All enrollments are accepted on a first-paid, first-confirmed basis. A learner has not reserved a place in a class until registration is complete and the appropriate tuition is paid in full.

Class cancellation refunds

Polley Associates may find it necessary, at its discretion, to cancel classes or courses. If this should occur, students will be notified and all fees will be refunded. Should classes or courses be cancelled due to events, activities, conflicts, or circumstances beyond the control of Polley Associates, tuition and fees will be refunded, less a $5 per course refund fee. As an alternative, transfers to other course options will be honored for no fee provided the student contacts Polley Associates a minimum of 18 hours before the scheduled class.

Continuing education or recertification class payments and refunds

Payments in full are due upon registration for any continuing education or recertification class or course.

No refunds will be made for any continuing education or recertification classes that are scheduled and held. Students who expect they will not or cannot attend scheduled continuing education or recertification classes for any reason must notify Polley Associates at least 18 hours in advance by phone or e-mail. Failure to provide advance notification, or failure to complete a scheduled class or course in its entirety, may result in tuition forfeiture.

Students who have provided proper advance notification and miss a scheduled class may use their pre-paid credit balance to schedule and attend another Polley class of the same monetary value, or of a higher value after paying all differences in costs.

Participation in live-streamed continuing education or recertification classes or courses.

At registration, students participating in live-streamed classes or courses will be notified that they must have ability to either view materials digitally throughout the course, or to print a copy of materials for their use. Digital materials will be sent to registered participants via e-mail no fewer than 24 hours before the course start date and time. Those requesting printed materials to be sent to them must be registered no fewer than 10 days before the course start date and time, and pay an additional fee of $3 for shipping and handling.

Student identifications, and documentation

To ensure Polley Associates complies with various regulatory requirements, students attending any classes or courses may be asked to provide, upon demand, photographic proof of identity such as a current driver’s license, state or military identification, or other similarly suitable documentation. They also may be required to complete and sign an enrollment agreement, and complete an end-of-class or end-of-course survey.

Class withdrawal refunds

If a learner withdraws at any time from any Polley course other than those required for real estate sales licensing, no refund will be made. Instead, the tuition paid can be credited toward fees for a future Polley Associates’ course, which must be completed within 12 months of the original purchase date.

Pre-license class refunds

There is no refund provided for any reason on Sales Exam Prep or Broker Exam Prep tuitions.

If a learner withdraws from the Real Estate Practice and/or Real Estate Fundamentals sales licensing courses before the first class session, a $5 processing fee will be charged for each registered course. If a learner withdraws before the second class session, a $50 processing fee will be charged. No refund will be made after the beginning of the second class session.

Career Start participants who seek a refund for Real Estate Fundamentals and/or Real Estate Practice will be charged full retail price for the “Vocabulary of Real Estate” audio materials.

There is no refund on books or digital media in any form.

Returned check charges

There is a $35 charge for returned checks.

Other applicable policies

Other enrollment and refund limitations or exceptions may apply.

Updated April 27, 2020