Quickly know and do what you need to become a Pennsylvania real estate broker.

Polley Guide Prepares You To Earn A Broker LicenseWe’ve made it even easier to earn a real estate broker license in Pennsylvania.

There’s a lot to know, to learn, and to prepare for on the road to becoming a real estate broker in Pennsylvania. Broker candidates can sometimes be confused by the number of course offerings and titles, and have difficulty determining which will fill both their personal needs and the state Real Estate Commission’s requirements.

To answer those questions and others, we’ve created “Polley’s Guide To Becoming A Pennsylvania Broker.” It’s a colorful, simple-to-follow, sic-page handbook on what courses you can or should enroll in, when, and why. It addresses the documentation you must present to the Commission to qualify to sit for the licensing exam. It even provides handy, fill-in charts that let you quickly track your broker education and your previous sales experience.

Best of all: IT’S FREE! Download “Polley’s Guide To Becoming A Pennsylvania Broker” here. It’s an Adobe Acrobat document you can save on your computer and print out at your leisure.

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