Pennsylvania and license reciprocity

The state of Pennsylvania in December 2003 passed legislation that creates license reciprocity agreements between it and other states. Reciprocity means you can apply to Pennsylvania for a real estate sales license without having to take its licensing exams, so long as you intend to keep active your license from a reciprocal state. As of January 2019, the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission has reciprocity agreements with only

  • Arkansas,
  • Georgia,
  • Louisiana,
  • Maryland,
  • Massachusetts, and
  • New York.

If a license reciprocity agreement does not exist between Pennsylvania and your state of licensure, or if you do not intend to keep your license active in a reciprocal state, your existing non-PA real estate license may NOT be recognized as valid for use in Pennsylvania. In that case, read the resource article here.

Photo from Google Images