Licensing PA: Save With A Package, Or Buy SeparatelyPolley Associates makes it easy to enroll in Pennsylvania sales licensing courses you want, with our money-saving packages.

Choose The Discounted Career Start Package For Live Classes

More than 70 percent of our learners choose to purchase their classroom courses in a package called Career Start. For only $570, Career Start includes all the live courses, books, products and services needed to both sit for the Pennsylvania real estate licensing exam and to get started successfully in the real estate business.

It’s a terrific value, worth much more. For Career Start packages, you need only to enter your home zip code, here.

Choose Either Discounted Online Value Package For Web-Based Classes

Online courses combine the comfort and convenience of learning at home with the technology many users rave over. About 25 percent of our Pennsylvania sales licensing learners choose to purchase their web-based courses in our online value packages.

For only $560 (which includes the CompuCram sales exam prep component), or $495 for the two courses alone, both include everything needed to sit for the Pennsylvania real estate licensing exam. There’s no textbook to lug; the content is in the cloud. Pre-recorded video and audio segments bring our instructors to your screen. Technical support is just a phone call away. You can move in and out of courses at your own pace, and the software remembers where you last left off.

For the Online Value packages, click here.

Or, Choose To Buy Courses Individually

If you want only the basics, that’s OK too. You can buy live classroom Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice courses separately for $195 and $270 each respectively, and a textbook for $30 that’s used in both courses. That means you can be ready for the licensing exam for $495 total.

If you want to take sales licensing classes online, they can be purchased separately as well.

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