You’ve completed Polley’s courses and passed its tests.

Do a little celebration dance, then!

Finished dancing? OK, it’s time to sit for the Big Enchilada, the Pennsylvania real estate licensing exam. Here’s what’s ahead.

You’ll have to fill out some paperwork.

Going For The Licensing ExamWhen you successfully complete both real estate sales license classes (Fundamentals and Practice), and Polley has issued your transcripts, it also will provide links to the necessary forms and instructions on how and where to apply to take the licensing exam. Exams are administered by appointment only, and taken on a computer at a specified testing center. Several centers are available across Pennsylvania, and are convenient to a majority of learners.

The licensing exam is currently administered by a state contractor known as PSI Exams. Find its website here.

You’ll have to pay a fee, too.

Pennsylvania charges a fee of $49 each and every time you take the licensing exam, whether in its entirety or only a portion of it. This fee is NOT included in tuition or other costs charged by Polley Associates.

I’m scared. I’m nervous. I don’t do well on tests.

We understand. We’re not exactly test-lovers ourselves! They can make anyone anxious. There are, however, proven strategies to help make taking the Pennsylvania Real Estate Licensing Exam – any exam, actually – a little easier. You also might want to take our Sales Exam Prep course for added insight and a little extra confidence.

Study thoroughly. Answer thoughtfully.

You must pass the state licensing exam with a score of 75 or better. Study thoroughly, answer questions thoughtfully, and you should do well. Many people succeed on their first attempt. But if it takes you two, or three, tries … so what? No broker ever asks what score you got on the licensing exam, or how many times you took it. Brokers want to know only that you DID pass and are awaiting a license.

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