Why should I be interested in PA Broker Exam Prep?

Polley Course Prepares You For A Broker License ExamThere are two essentials for success on the broker license exam.

  1. First, one must have a secure, confident knowledge of the real estate information. Knowing the “gist” of the information will not do. Your knowledge base must be deep and broad.
  2. Second, one must have substantial test-taking skills. You cannot allow yourself to be tricked into a logical, but incorrect answer. The ability to differentiate between close answers is critical.

Our PA Broker Exam Prep Course helps identify the study and preparation needed to successfully pass the exam the first time. It can improve your test-taking skills, provide concise study materials, ensure you study the right information, and identify weak areas in your knowledge base.

Broker Exam Prep courses are offered on a bi-monthly basis in January, March, May, July, September, and November, usually on the second Friday of these months, at our Newtown Square location only.

What materials are included in the course?

  • The Guide to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam, a comprehensive study book with 5 practice exams and more than 700 practice questions, accompanied by explanations of key areas covered on the exam.
  • A 30-question Sample State Law Test;
  • An 80-question Sample Uniform Test, also known as “The Monster Test.”
  • 6 hours of instruction on exam strategy and test-taking skill drill using sample questions, including a 40-question moderated test;
  • 73 sample math questions with solutions; and
  • Test-taking tips.

Polley has been providing this test-taking edge since 1971. Thousands of Pennsylvania’s real estate licensees have succeeded because of broker exam prep.

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