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LIVE-STREAMING Real Estate Education via Zoom available for enrollment.

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Valuation of Income-Producing Property (Virtual - 30 Hours)

Valuation of Income-Producing Property (Virtual - 30 Hours)
Registration Deadline for March 16, 2023 class: Friday, March 10 at 3:00 p.m. (or until full, whichever is sooner).

Missed the online registration deadline? Contact us via email ( or phone (610) 353-6776.

Course Description:

This broker pre-licensing education course covers key concepts, theories, and principles essential to understanding the valuation of properties that produce income. Brokers play an essential role in guiding clients and agents to better understand the unique characteristics of an income-producing property, including inherent risks and changes to financial terms that might affect the real estate transaction.

The course delves into the steps of income property valuation and the foundation for financial analysis of income properties. This course will review investor goals and explore methods to uncover the investor goals of your clients, as well as review different income sources for investor properties to help licensees educate investor clients on what properties will fit different goals. The various types of gross income (and their influence), gross income streams, as well as the conversion of income into a value indicator via multiplier capitalization is reviewed.

Development of the NOI is reviewed and the course presents a presentation of how income production’s performance, durability, and quality is found through performance ratios. The calculation to find the capitalization rate for direct capitalization is presented and examined, as well as an introductory level exploration of how compound interest is processed and applied to the Income Approach. Lastly, we will review some risk management factors in regard to working with investor clients to help protect everyone involved from legal issues arising as a result from an investment property transaction.

This is a 30-hour course. It is Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission-developed for 2 credits towards broker's license requirements. Depending on Commission requirements issued during any renewal cycle, it has the potential to fulfill continuing education hours toward a license renewal as well.

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Licensing Real Estate Broker PA
Licensing Real Estate Broker PA
Licensing Real Estate Broker PA

Course Dates & Times

Th,We 9am-3pm
Mar 16,22-23,29-30