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Mandatory CE - Diversity in Real Estate (VIRTUAL - PA,3.5 Hours)

Note: This topic fulfills the REQUIRED 2022 Continuing Education topic for all non-first time renewal licensees.

Fair and equitable treatment is a right by law. In this course, we will focus on the mandatory fair housing issues that real estate licensees must understand. The United States Congress and your state legislature have made it clear that ensuring everyone equal access to housing is an important goal for our society. Real estate agents need to know what conduct violates anti-discrimination laws to avoid potential liability. In addition, we will discuss best practices to address diversity issues and examine overt and implicit bias that can be present in real estate practice. You will learn about the federal anti-discrimination laws, problems that can occur from fair housing violations, and your duties and responsibilities to treat all parties fairly and equally under the law. We will also review current events and discuss “best practices” to ensure compliance with fair housing laws.

• Review key definitions, including diversity, bias (implicit), steering, redlining, blockbusting, panic selling
• Describe the historical significance and evolution of fair housing laws
• Identify examples of discriminatory practices and events.
• Describe and explain federal fair housing laws and practices, including the Americans with Disabilities Act
• Compare and contrast select state fair housing laws with other state laws and federal law
• Examine the relationship of fair housing and its importance/applicability to real estate licensees in their practice of business
• Review advertising guidelines applicable to fair housing laws
• Identify the implications violating fair housing mandates
• Review and discuss current news and events in fair housing
• Examine possible bias that exists, and how bias can be positive or negative
• Identify best practices to remain in compliance with fair housing laws and behaviors that must be avoided to mitigate risk of violations
Continuing Education Real Estate Sales PA
Continuing Education Real Estate Sales PA

Course Dates & Times

We 9am-12:30pm
May 12