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Residential Module (7 Hours)

Residential Module (7 Hours)
Meets Pennsylvania's 3-hour "Rules and Regulations" course requirement for 2018.

A home is so much more than housing, most real estate licensees agree.

A home is also an investment, a potential retirement vehicle, and a reservoir of equity in times of need. It's a structure and grounds that demand regular repair and upkeep, scheduled and emergency maintenance, and occasionally expansion or rearrangement. It's also a personal statement, a reflection of its occupants, their lifestyle, and their desires.

It's often said that those in the business of marketing residential properties are in fact selling dreams. While that may be true in many cases, would-be buyers and sellers must also deal with the realities of state and federal law, the transitory nature of the marketplace, and the fluctuating thoughts and emotions of those on the other side of any transaction.

Polley's Residential Module continuing education course offers agents ways to handle almost anything they're likely to encounter in residential sales. The course fulfills 7 hours of CE for all participants, veteran licensees and newcomers alike.

The Residential module delves into the uniform construction code and zoning, types of construction, land development, real estate environmental issues, home inspections and home warranties, mortgage information, fair housing, and agreements of sale. Real estate case studies and a review of Real estate Commission disciplinary actions are included too.

Its content complements, but is different from, Polley's General Module course.
Continuing Education Real Estate Sales PA
Continuing Education Real Estate Sales PA
Continuing Education Real Estate Sales PA PA Required

Course Location

Greensburg - Greensburg CC
Greensburg Country Club, Pleasant Valley Road at Westview Road
Greensburg, PA 15601-0964

Course Dates & Times

Mar 28
We 9am-5pm