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The Web-Driven Real Estate Consumer (7 Hours)

Think then. Think now.

"Then" is the early 1980s. At the time, only licensed real estate agents and brokers could find and compare properties on the market and their amenities to the wish lists of buyers. The multiple listing service made its offerings available in thick, printed catalogs. Newspaper classified pages were the primary real estate advertising venue.

"Now" is 2018. A lot has changed, certainly. Consumers can search the web for properties to their heart's content. Sophisticated analytical tools for valuation estimates are widely available, and sometimes free. Photos, videos and virtual tours abound. And at dozens of online sites prospective buyers can secure a mortgage, order title and hazard insurance, negotiate, and even close a deal without ever visiting the office of an attorney or broker.

New realities of the marketplace call for a new level of awareness among brokers and agents to fully partner and participate with the new, supremely well-educated consumer. They must create services relevant and valuable to consumers, and meet their shifting expectations. This course illustrates changes in consumer behavior, shows how those changes impact the way we list and sell houses, and addresses the agent's heightened roles as professional negotiator, financing consultant, transaction planner, and contract specialist.
Continuing Education Real Estate Sales PA
Continuing Education Real Estate Sales PA
Continuing Education Real Estate Sales PA

Course Location

Blue Bell
Blue Bell West,
653 Skippack Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422-1742

Course Dates & Times

May 2
We 9am-5pm