PSI Offers New, Easily Used Remotely-Proctored Exams for Real Estate Licensing

An increasing number of Polley Associates’ students rely on the school’s live-streaming courses because of their convenience, reliability, and ease of use. Shouldn’t taking your real estate licensing exam be like that too?

Here’s good news, then: PSI Exams, which administers licensing examinations for Pennsylvania, launched a remotely proctored online exam in mid-December (2020), and it’s fully available now.

For either a remote exam or those given at specified testing centers – which remain as an alternative choice – you’ll need to register in advance with the appropriate information, certify your preferred method of payment (still a credit or debit card choice), and schedule a date and time that both suits you and is offered by PSI.

Delivery of test results occurs online, too, for both those at test centers or working remotely. Scores for both the Pennsylvania and national portions of the exam will be posted in your account. With them, PSI also lets you create the necessary test success information for you to submit, along with a completed application, to the state Real Estate Commission in one of the last steps to obtain your license.

Got questions about remotely proctored exams? PSI anticipated you would. Find its FAQ (frequently-asked questions) page here.

If push comes to shove, the folks at PSI still provide personal answers. Send them a message, or get its phone number, at this contact page.

Convenience, reliability, and ease of use. If you’re looking for any of those qualities you already know exist at Polley, you can find them as well in PSI’s real estate licensing exam for Pennsylvania.

Photo from LinkedIn Sales Navigator by via StockSnap used under a Creative Commons license