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Licensing: How To Know You’re Ready

Don’t Just Say Yes. Say ‘Yes’ And Sell With Enthusiasm!

20130827-SellWithEnthusiasm-GoogleImagesDecades of research suggests you have what it takes to become a successful real estate sales licensee if you can answer “YES” to 14 or more of these 20 questions:

Are you generally interested in real estate?
Are you one who normally performs well under pressure?
Can you help other people with their money, and in making financial decisions?
Are you discreet?
Can you earn and maintain the confidence of others?
Do you do your homework by keeping up-to-date on items regarding a particular subject?
Can you communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing?
Do you follow up and finish a task?
Do you go out of your way to help people?
Are you willing to say “I don’t know,” if you don’t?
Can you survive a tough training program and an extended transition into a new field?
Are you willing and able to earn less while getting started, with the potential for more income later?
Do you have good stamina?
Do you have that special energy reserve that other people sometimes lack?
Are you an achiever?
Have you been a success in other challenging work?
Are you looking for a position that has exceptional achievement potential?
Are you immune from nay-sayers and other negative thinkers?
Do you thrive in an atmosphere of working pretty much on your own?
Are you ready to make a change in employment, ready to set a plan, and ready to stick to it?

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