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Continuing Ed PA: Live Course Attendance

What’s expected in attending a PA continuing education live course?

PA Continuing Education: Live Course AttendancePunctuality is important. Learners should be on time for their continuing education courses.

  • Minimum attendance of at least 90 percent (6.3 hours requires; or not more than 42 missed minutes) of each 7-hour course day is required by the state to attain a satisfactory attendance record.
  • Limited opportunities may be available to make up for missed class time. Learners with less than 90-percent attendance will not pass, as stipulated by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act.
  • Attendance is recorded on sheets inside each classroom. Learners must sign in and sign out at 1) the morning start of class, 2) the morning end of class, 3) the afternoon start of class, and 4) the afternoon end of class. Failure to sign in and out as required will result in NO ATTENDANCE CREDIT.
  • Timed record-keeping begins and ends when the instructor designates a class starts and ends.

There are reasonable limitations intended to benefit you and minimize distractions.

  • Using a tape recorder in classroom sessions is NOT permitted.
  • Battery-powered, hand-held, noiseless calculators without an alphabetic key pad ARE permitted.
  • All cell phones, smart phones, pads, tablets or other mobile devices (even if they have noiseless calculator capabilities) must be turned OFF during class. All pagers, too.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in any Polley Associates’ facility.
  • Because of insurance limitations, children under age 18 are NOT permitted in Polley Associates’ classrooms.
  • Polley Associates does NOT permit students to audit or monitor classes.

Got questions? Go ahead, ask!

  • Instructors encourage questions from students during class sessions. Questions should be brief and pertinent to the subject being discussed.
  • Personal questions must be held for the end of class.

Have a special need? Please let us know in advance.

  • We intend our classrooms to be open to all. From time to time we may need to make accommodations. Please let us know if you have special classroom access needs due to a handicap or disability.

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