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Beep, Boop, Oops! Technology Can Play A Spoiler Role

SAN JOSE CA – For all the whiz-bang, super-fast, techno-wow efficiency that the Internet and automation offer to the real estate industry, California-based Active Rain blogger Kathleen Daniels reminded the world Monday (Sept. 15, 2014) that agents and brokers must still appeal to people to earn their living.

Beep, Boop, Oops! Technology Can Play A Spoiler RoleTechnology has its place. It can help “create a seamless home buying, home selling, and lending process,” Daniels wrote.

Bud real estate licensees also “must realize there are people on the other side of the technology” who “expect and deserve a great experience” in the purchase or sale of a property. And a great experience, she contends, demands “a personal touch and feel.”

Daniels describes how a flurry of automation mutates the process into something a tad too robotic. She worked with one lending partner whose back-office technological overdrive left clients with unanswered questions, poorly explained documents, and few accompanying instructions.

“From first touch to closing and beyond,” Daniels concludes, the client experience must be personalized and “about more than just getting the job done.”

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