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Polley Courses: ‘General Module’

Reviewing Basics For First-Timers, And A Refresher For Veterans

Polley Courses: 'Required: General Module'

Required: General Module … at a glance

Here’s a basic premise: people don’t want to be “sold” anything. Not a box of cornflakes, not a car, and most certainly not a property. What they want is to be fully informed of their options, their choices, their alternatives … and then make a decision for themselves.

Accept the premise and the key question then becomes: “How can real estate licensees deliver the most valuable information – the stuff on which decisions will be made – in the most understandable way possible?”

You’ll find the answers in Polley’s General Module continuing education course. It fulfills 7 hours of CE for all participants, veteran licensees and newcomers alike, and it represents a back-to-basics approach in dealing with clients.

A majority of clients lack an education in real estate. They’re likely to be unfamiliar with current law. They probably won’t know today’s terminology or (worse!) its jargon and alphabet soup of acronyms. They may have opinions on and some knowledge of environmental issues, but maybe not as they relate specifically to the sale or purchase of real property.

Among an agent’s jobs is to be their guide and interpreter.

So the General Module reacquaints licensees with their duties, zoning issues, real estate environmental concerns, client representation and agency relationships, the agreement of sale and its addenda and special clauses, title reports and closing costs. It serves as the foundation for material presented in related modules as well.

Most importantly, it makes it all easily understood for licensees, who in turn can make it easily understood to others. In short, this is all about satisfying client needs. Once that’s accomplished, the “right property” makes itself evident, and buyers and sellers alike will be thankful they found an agent as smart as you.

Course State Approval: Continuing education for Pennsylvania real estate broker and salesperson license renewal.

This is a one-day, 7-hour, live classroom course. No post-course exam is given. It is approved by, and meets 7 hours of continuing education requirements set by, the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. It can be combined with other courses to fulfill all 14 hours of continuing education required by the Commission for a real estate salesperson’s or broker’s biennial license renewal during the 2014-2016¬†cycle that ends at midnight on May 31, 2016.

Price: $75

Student Material: This course may be accompanied by in-class materials distributed by Polley Associates.


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