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Which Broker Course First? The One Available NOW

Which Broker Course First? The One Available NOWA question we frequently hear from students interested in earning their broker licenses is: “Which broker course should I take first?” Our answer frequently is, “The one that gets you started soonest.”

Real estate sales licensees think about expanding their career horizons as a broker usually during their fifth year in the business, according to industry experts.

Reasons vary. Some are motivated to own brokerages themselves. Some want the prestige of being an associate broker, and the security of continuing in a firm where they’re comfortable. Some simply want to leverage what they learn from broker courses into a more profitable revenue stream, because it’s still true that the more you know the more you can sell.

It’s easy, though, to put off taking that first course. Licensees have commitments to not only their clients and prospects, but to families and loved ones, and themselves. There are only 24 hours in a day, and so much to accomplish with them. It’s convenient to say, “I’ll take my first broker course in a month, or maybe two months, from now.”

That’s a mistake.

Don’t wait. Putting off that first course delays your dream, and pushes greater success to a back burner. All Polley broker courses are approved by the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission and meet its standards, so their value is assured.

Each one that follows will be easier. Polley adds to its broker course schedule quarterly, too, so chances are good you can be ready to take and pass the broker license exam within a year.

Can we help you on the road to becoming a Pennsylvania-licensed real estate broker? Feel free to call us at 610-353-6776, toll-free at 800-220-2789, or by e-mail to

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