Polley Associates will have live-streaming classes via Zoom for continuing education and broker classes available for registration NOW


The Pennsylvania Department of State’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs announced a waiver of the traditional approval requirements for online education for Pennsylvania real estate licensing education.¬†

Classes of all levels are now able to be taught without the previously required separate, “distance education” approval required by the state. If the course is approved in any delivery form, then it can also be taught online during the COVID-19 emergency declaration time frame.

Polley Associates has added these courses for registration, and will be utilizing the Zoom platform. Learn more about Zoom: https://zoom.us/

Click here for our PA Real Estate LIVE Online Continuing Education schedule and registration: PA Real Estate Live-Streaming Continuing Education Options via Zoom.

Continuing education classes are now available, and several broker class options will be available by Friday, May 15. These real estate continuing education and broker classes are available via the Zoom platform from Polley Associates. Take your courses with the same instructors you’ve come to know and love in classroom, but do it comfortably (and safely!) from your own home. All parts of the course will run on a scheduled time, just as a classroom course would.

The full text of the announcement can be found here: Pennsylvania Waiver Allows In-Person Real Estate Classes to Be Livestreamed During COVID-19 Emergency 

You can view our full traditional classroom schedule here: Polley Associates Real Estate Classroom Continuing Education Schedule

We also have self-paced online classes available for those that would like to take their courses online on their own schedule: Polley Associates Real Estate Online Continuing Education Options

We hope you are all staying healthy and safe during this tumultuous time, and continue to ask that you send any questions or requests to polley@polleyassociates.com. We can’t wait to Zoom with you soon!

Online Continuing Education Classes: Self-Paced, Topical, Convenient
Now, students will be able to take their classes virtually in more topics and in the format they are used to – with a LIVE instructor!