May 26, 2021

Dear Students,

Per our COVID-19 response plan regarding COVID-19 exposure, we are sending this to inform you of an exposure at the Newtown Square facility on dates that you were in the building.

A student, who was in the building at the same Polley Associates class as you on four occasions during the 10-day period preceding today (Wednesday, May 26), informed us that they have tested positive for COVID-19. The student was in last in the building on Monday, May 24, which is within the 10-day window. An email was received today at 2:36 p.m.

We attempted to contact the student to obtain further information and timing regarding the positive COVID-19 test and whether or not the student is symptomatic, but there was no answer, and we have not received a call back at this time.

Per CDC guidelines, those who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine. 

If un-vaccinated, individuals should be tested or quarantine for a minimum 10 days, per CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines. (Thursday, May 3 is 10 days from exposure). If you are unvaccinated, please contact Polley Associates via phone to discuss your options to complete your class after your quarantine period is completed.

The affected individual will not return until after a 14-day quarantine period from positive test date or until 72 hours after symptoms have subsided, whichever is longer, per our Exposure Plan.

As always, the location was cleaned the class session after the individual was in the building. A UV-lamp is run in the classrooms to disinfect the room and surfaces after each class.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you contact Polley Associates immediately.  Symptoms may include flu-like conditions such as sore throat, dry cough and fever. Other, less frequent symptoms may include nausea or diarrhea.

There is additional information about COVID-19 at the CDC website:  If you should have symptoms, please seek medical advice regarding whether or not you need to be tested for COVID-19.

We care about your health and look forward to answering any questions or concerns that you may have.  Please continue to practice all safety practices recommended by the CDC and the PA Department of Health. 

To review Polley Associates’ COVID-19 Response plan, please visit:

For information about our reopening protocols and procedures in response to COVID-19, please visit: