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Licensing PA: About Your College Degree …

I’ve already got a college degree. Why won’t that do?

About Your College Degree ...Pennsylvania law requires specific education – the Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice courses – be completed and successfully passed before you can receive a sales person’s license. State law also requires that licensees hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.

You may already have a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in any subject, but unless you majored in real estate it’s unlikely that education will qualify you to take the state real estate licensing exam.

The exception (hey, what would life be without exceptions?) is if you are a practicing attorney in Pennsylvania. If so, you should read this.


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Polley Policies: Tuition, Registrations, Refunds

When enrolling in Polley Associates classes or courses, you agree to be bound by these policies: Limits of liability In all circumstances Polley Associates’ liability to issue refunds or apply credits for products, classes, or courses for any reason is limited solely to the original purchase amount or, if applicable, the unused portion of credit […]

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What’s That Real Estate Broker License Class About?

The what, where, and when of Polley broker classes Here’s a list (below) of Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission-approved broker license classes offered by Polley Associates. Polley offers both  “live” (led by an instructor in a classroom) and online (Internet accessible) classes. Polley Associates’ real estate broker license classes are periodically offered at classrooms in […]

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Broker PA: ‘Required,’ ‘Developed,’ And ‘Elective’

A real estate broker’s education is really in-depth State law demands Pennsylvania brokers be as knowledgeable as possible about the ins-and-outs of real estate. To that end, it requires prospective broker licensees to take 240 hours of specialized education before they qualify to sit for the licensing exam. Every 15 hours of authorized education equals […]

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Broker PA: Which Courses Are Available Online?

What PA broker courses does Polley offer online? The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission has approved only four: Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Valuation of Residential Property, Basic Residential Appraisal Principles, and Basic Residential Appraisal Procedures. These are classified as Commission-approved, or elective, courses. To learn why course tiers make a difference to broker candidates, read […]

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Licensing PA: Going For The Licensing Exam

You’ve completed Polley’s courses and passed its tests. Do a little celebration dance, then! Finished dancing? OK, it’s time to sit for the Big Enchilada, the Pennsylvania real estate licensing exam. Here’s what’s ahead. You’ll have to fill out some paperwork. When you successfully complete both real estate sales license classes (Fundamentals and Practice), and […]

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Licensing PA: Differences In Sales And Broker Licenses

What’s the difference between real estate broker and real estate sales licensees? There are two practical differences. First, the relationship between a broker and salesperson is much the same as that of a boss and worker. A broker operating his or her own office under state law must supervise and oversee all sales licensees working from that […]

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Licensing PA: About Our Classroom Real Estate Textbook

REAL ESTATE: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PROFESSION By Charles J. Jacobus Edition: 12 ISBN 13: 978-1-62980-217-6 ISBN 10: 1-629-80217-4 The following information about this book is provided by its publisher, OnCourse Learning. Book Description This popular real estate textbook introduces core industry concepts in a clear, organized presentation. A vibrant two-color design and real-world examples […]

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Licensing PA: State Requirements Or Qualifications

Why do I need a license, anyway? Pennsylvania state law requires that you obtain a license to assist in the purchase, sale, rental or lease of real estate on behalf of anyone other than yourself. The license is issued by the Pennsylvania Department of State, and is supervised by the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. […]

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Licensing PA: About Fundamentals And Practice

Why do I need education from Polley Associates? To earn a Pennsylvania real estate sales license, you must pass the Pennsylvania real estate licensing exam of more than 100 questions. To be able to sit for the licensing exam, you must successfully complete 75 hours of specialized education. That’s why we exist. Your specialized education […]

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