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Appraiser PA: Taking Certification Exams

Take The Certified Appraiser ExamFinally, You’ll Take A Certified Appraiser Examination

Depending on the certification sought, qualified applicants will take different exams to become either a certified resident or certified general appraiser. A passing grade is a score of 75 or better. You will qualify to take either exam only after you have fully and adequately completed all the steps outlined earlier to become a certified residential appraiser or certified general appraiser.

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Appraiser PA: Gaining Field Work Experience

You’ll Need Practical, Professionally Supervised, Documented Experience Depending on the appraiser certification desired, several hundred hours of field work experience will be required. Although Appraisal Qualifications Board documents refer to licensed residential appraisers, the state of Pennsylvania offers no such license. A certified residential appraiser must complete 1,500 hours of field work experience in no […]

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Appraiser PA: The First Step Toward Certification

You’ll Need To Become A Pennsylvania-Licensed Appraiser Trainee Under regulations from the Pennsylvania State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers, all individuals interested in becoming a certified residential or general appraiser must first become a “Licensed Appraiser Trainee.” Individuals interested in becoming a licensed appraiser trainee must: 1) Complete 79 hours of education. It includes these […]

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Appraiser PA: What Kind Do You Want To Be?

Determine The Kind Of Appraiser You Want To Be Two types of appraisers’ certification are available in Pennsylvania: A certified residential appraiser is qualified to appraise properties of between 1 and 4 residential units of any value or complexity, including vacant or unimproved land that is used for – or for which the highest and […]

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Licensing NJ: Differences In Real Estate Licenses

What’s the difference between real estate sales licenses in New Jersey? There are four kinds of real estate licenses issued in New Jersey. They are for salespersons, broker-salespersons, brokers, and referral agents. The relationship between a broker and the remaining three is much the same as that between a boss and workers. A broker operating his or her […]

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Licensing NJ: State Requirements Or Qualifications

Why do I need a license, anyway? New Jersey state law requires that you obtain a license to assist in the purchase, sale, rental or lease of real estate on behalf of anyone other than yourself. The license is issued by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, and is supervised by the New Jersey Real […]

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Appraiser PA: Live Course Attendance

What’s expected in attending a PA appraisal live course? Punctuality is important. Learners should be on time and attend all class sessions of their courses. Minimum attendance of at least 80 percent of any state-approved course (usually 7, 15 or 30 hours in total length) is required to attain a satisfactory attendance record. Learners with less than 80-percent […]

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Broker PA: Broker Requirements, Qualifications

So how do I qualify for a broker’s license? To qualify for a broker license you must: Be at least age 21 or older; Hold at least a high school diploma or its equivalent; Have operated as a Pennsylvania-licensed real estate sales person for a minimum of three years; Complete 240 hours of specialized education. […]

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Broker PA: How Brokers Are Legally Different

What’s the difference between a real estate broker and a sales person? There are two practical differences. First, the relationship between a broker and salesperson is much the same as that of an employer and employee. A broker operating his or her own office under state law must supervise and oversee all licensees working from […]

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Licensing PA: The Value of Preparation

Our Sales Exam Prep and CompuCram courses could be helpful The only thing more frustrating than failing a test you didn’t study for, is failing a test for which you worked hard but studied the wrong material. With the right study and preparation, it’s possible to succeed on the state real estate licensing exam on the […]

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