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Appraiser PA: Appraisal Continuing Education (Recertification)

Appraisal Continuing Education Is A State Requirement

Appraisers Continuing Education In PAPennsylvania-certified residential and general appraisers, certified evaluators, Pennsylvania real estate broker licensees who still retain the now-unavailable broker-appraiser certification, and Pennsylvania licensed appraisal trainees are required by the Pennsylvania State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers to become re-certified (the term for renewing their licenses) every two years, by no later than June 30 during odd-numbered years.

Polley Associates provides a full complement of 28 hours of required appraisal continuing education, also known as appraisal recertification, for Pennsylvania licensees. Its current courses include:

■ the biennial and required 7-hour update for Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP);
■ required 2-hour “Pennsylvania Mandated Law;”
■ and three electives: “Better Safe Than Sorry” of 5 hours; “The Appraiser As An Expert Witness” of 7 hours; and “Appraisal of Small Residential Income Properties” of 7 hours.

Find our complete list of available classroom dates here

Once a certified appraiser has completed all necessary appraisal continuing education, he or she can renew their certifications (licenses) online at a state-specified website.

Have questions? E-mail us at; call 1-800-220-2789, or fax 1-888-941-9500.

Appraisal Recertification Fast Track For NJ and DE

Polley Associates offers hassle-free online education solutions for New Jersey and Delaware appraisal continuing education. All its web-based courses are self-paced and available anytime, anywhere. Find our New Jersey appraisal recertification courses here. Find our Delaware appraisal recertification courses here.

Important News For PA Licensed Appraiser Trainees

If you’re a Licensed Appraiser Trainee in Pennsylvania, you may be required to complete between 14 and 28 hours of appraisal recertification courses – or none whatsoever – depending on the date your license was issued. Appraisal recertification must be completed in Pennsylvania on or before June 30 of an odd-numbered year (for example, 2019 or 2021 or 2023).

Last updated 20190307


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