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Inclement Weather Notice: Saturday, January 29 ❄️

Newtown Square: Sales Exam Prep  (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) is CANCELLED for Saturday, January 29 due to inclement weather.

Please check your email for additional information. Thank you.

Updated August 23, 2021:

As a result of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and CDC guidance and regulations regarding COVID-19, all who enroll in or attend Polley Associates’ classroom-based courses or classes must abide by our rules for personal and public safety. Your enrollment in, or attendance at, classroom-based instruction automatically means you understand, accept, and agree to comply with these rules, as follows:


If you are ill, feeling ill, exhibiting any symptoms of illness (including fever), YOU CANNOT ATTEND. We offer a no-fee transfer policy to other instruction: virtual, classroom, and online. Contact the Polley Associates main office by phone (610-353-6776) or by e-mail ( if you are in any way not feeling well or having symptoms, and we will work to get you rescheduled to a point in time when you are well.

Here is a link to the list of COVID-19 symptoms provided by the federal Centers for Disease Control:

Risk and Responsibility

COVID-19 is a virus. Just as we cannot guarantee you would not be exposed in any location to any other type of communicable virus, such as the flu, we cannot guarantee it during these circumstances. By agreeing to attend a classroom-based course, you accept responsibility for this risk.

Classroom Size and Related Changes

Effective September 1, 2021: Any in-person class with multiple sessions will operate at a maximum of 75% capacity OR 36 students, whichever number is smaller, in our main locations. In larger-scale venues, such as catering halls, total number may be higher than 36, but will be no more than 75% capacity. (Please contact Polley Associates via email or phone for questions regarding a specific location or class.) Any in-person class that is a one session course (such as Continuing Education) will operate at up to 100% capacity.

• The rooms should NOT be re-arranged. Students should use the same seat all day.

Cleaning Procedures and COVID-19 Exposure Plan

Cleaning procedures for each classroom location can be found on at this page on our website: Please review it in full.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, and note that if you have a confirmed, possible, or direct exposure, you MUST report it to the main office or administration immediately so we can enact our as well as our COVID-19 exposure response plan. It can be found on this page on our website: .

Disinfectant wipes are available upon request at each location.
Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms. Ample soap and water are available in bathroom facilities at each location.
• In addition to regular cleaning services at our main locations (Newtown Square, Bensalem, North Wales), and additional staggered cleaning services are utilized as needed.

Vaccination Status

Polley Associates does not have a vaccination requirement. Regardless of vaccination status, masks are currently required for all students in our facilities.

Local mandates or guidance may require certain venues to require vaccination. Classes scheduled to be held within the City of Philadelphia at any indoor location that also serves food currently require vaccination to attend. Please click here for more information:


Due to the increasing transmission rate and placement of nearly all counties in which we operate in “substantial” or “high” transmission, and per Pennsylvania and CDC recommendations for those areas, face masks are required for students at all times effective September 1, 2021, regardless of vaccination status.

Instructors who are fully vaccinated may opt to instruct without a mask only when able to remain socially distant from the nearest student. Instructors may also opt to wear a mask even if fully vaccinated, per their preference. Vaccinated instructors will wear a mask at all other times. Instructors who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask at all times.

Fully vaccinated is defined as: ≥ 2 weeks after they have received the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer- BioNTech or Moderna); ≥ 2 weeks after they have received a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson [J&J]/ Janssen). There is currently no post-vaccination time limit on fully vaccinated status.

Non-vaccinated is defined as: Any individual who has not completed a vaccination series.


Effective June 1, 2021: Classes will resume using the sign-in and sign-out sheets for attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they sign in and out of a class as instructed during class.

Be punctual. If you miss roll call or arrive late, it is your responsibility to confirm that you are not “too late” to get credit for the day. Each course has its own attendance requirements, with CE requiring 90% attendance (no more than 42 minutes of missed time in a 7 hour course) and licensing requiring 80% attendance (6 hours of a 30-hour class; 9 hours of a 45-hour class). This is true whether a verbal roll call is in effect OR the sign-in/sign-out system.
Failure to meet attendance requirements because of lateness or “skipping” class time will not only result in no completion of the class; you also will be unable to transfer to another course or class, or receive a refund.

Enrollment Agreements, Materials, and Surveys

Effective June 1, 2021: These procedures will be set by the individual instructor and return to their normal status quo. There are no alterations to this area based on COVID-19 situation.


Effective June 1, 2021: Staggered dismissal may be used for larger classes. We ask that you are patient with this process if required. Please continue to exit the room/facility promptly to avoid a back-up of people in a small area.

Want To Ask Questions After Class?

Particularly in licensing classes, whether for broker or sales, students sometimes remain behind to ask questions. Those students should remain SEATED when dismissal occurs and, once the room is clear, they can ask questions of instructors.

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