March 24, 2020; 11:30 a.m.

Dear Polley Associates Students & Staff,

The purpose of this communication is to provide an update on the current status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as it relates to our educational community.  As the outbreak continues to spread throughout the nation, Polley Associates is monitoring all updates being issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH). 

At this time, Polley Associates is cancelling ALL classes in ALL locations that are scheduled to run or begin through APRIL 12.

Many counties we serve are on a “stay at home” order, and we have no reason to believe we will be able to hold classes until at least Monday, April 13.

Our employees are working remotely and can be contacted via email: polley@polleyassociates.com

You may send transfer requests or questions this email.

If you are transferring to a later date, please include IN THE EMAIL BODY: 1.) Your full name; 2.) Original COURSE NAME AND DATE; 3.) NEW COURSE NAME AND DATE. You will receive a confirmation email with the new course information once your request has been processed.

If you would like to transfer to online: Please review our full course options at www.polleyonline.com. We recommend selecting a package that is appropriate for your needs, but you can choose a la carte from the individual courses list as well. Then, email polley@polleyassociates.com with: 1.) Your full name; 2.) Original COURSE NAME and DATE; 3.) Online class selection totaling the correct number of hours.

Anyone requesting a transfer, whether to a future date or online course will receive an emailed confirmation upon transfer completion. Those registering for online will also receive an email containing their username and password (which can be changed once logged in for the first time).

If we have any questions, a staff member will reach out; however, we will process complete and understandable requests first, so please be sure to include all the appropriate information.

At this time, we have had many classes rescheduled. Please read all email communications or email us with questions.

There is regularly updated information contained on the CDC (https://www.cdc.gov) and DOH (www.health.pa.gov) websites that provides greater detail regarding the Coronavirus.

Polley Associates School of Real Estate Administration