20140618-BrokerEducation-PaysToBeABrokerNEWTOWN SQUARE PA – Polley Associates on Tuesday (Nov. 18, 2014) announced its new schedule through March 2015 for live and online pre-broker license courses to be held at its 3544 West Chester Pike classrooms for Pennsylvania real estate sales licensees interested in becoming a Pennsylvania real estate broker.

The new schedule allows prospective broker candidates to obtain all 240 hours and 16 credit of education required by law before taking the state broker exam. The list includes the state’s two required courses (Real Estate Law, and Real Estate Brokerage and Office Management), as well as three commission-developed courses (Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Finance and Residential Property Management).

Also being offered are a live commission-approved course, Seller Representative Specialist, and four online commission-approved courses: Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Valuation of Residential Properties, Residential Appraisal Principles, and Residential Appraisal Procedures.

Two other courses, PA Broker Exam Prep and Florida Broker License, are valuable for those looking to “brush up” on broker information and test-taking strategies, or who are interested in becoming a broker in Florida under that state’s regulations. Neither, however, are approved by Pennsylvania for its broker license credit.

Want more information about becoming a broker in Pennsylvania? Visit Polley’s online Broker Learning and Resource Center, here. Want help in determining which specific courses you need to complete your pre-broker education? Download Polley’s free 6-page Guide To Becoming A Pennsylvania Broker, here.

Start Dates (9-5:3 daily) Course Name and Tuition Location

Dec. 4 (4 days) Real Estate Sales, $350 Newtown Square
Dec. 16 (2 days) Seller Representative Specialist, $295 Newtown Square
Jan. 23 (1 day) Broker Exam Prep, $110 Newtown Square
Jan. 26 (4 days) Real Estate Finance, $350 Newtown Square
Jan. 26 (6 days) Florida Broker License Course, $550 Newtown Square
Feb. 12 (4 days) Real Estate Law, $350 Newtown Square
Feb. 23 (4 days) RE Brokerage and Office Management, $350 Newtown Square
March 9 (4 days) Residential Property Management, $350 Newtown Square
March 20 (1 day) Broker Exam Prep, $110 Newtown Square
May 22 (1 day) Broker Exam Prep, $110 Newtown Square
24-7-365 Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, $375 Online
24-7-365 Valuation of Residential Property, $375 Online
24-7-365 Residential Appraisal Principles, $370 Online
24-7-365 Residential Appraisal Procedures, $370 Online