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Licensing: About Polley’s Independence

We owe allegiance only to our learners You may have noticed that Polley Associates is independent. No real estate brokerage or franchise owns any interest in our company. There’s a good reason why. It means Polley Associates is free to teach legal and ethical alternatives to transacting real estate business, without having to bow to […]

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Licensing: Consider Pros And Cons

Of Doctors, Dog-Catchers And Real Estate Salespeople Every career, from being a doctor to being a dog-catcher, has its ups and downs. Some doctors make a lot of money, but they often attend college for 8 to 10 years before starting a practice. Some dog-catchers make only minimum wage, but they enjoy the companionship of […]

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Licensing: Emulate A ‘Top Producer’

People At The Peak Of Their Profession Everyone dreams of being the king of the hill, the pick of the crop, the best in the business. In real estate, the best salespeople are known as top producers because their production is high: they sell more properties and list more properties for sale than almost anyone […]

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Licensing: How To Know You’re Ready

Don’t Just Say Yes. Say ‘Yes’ And Sell With Enthusiasm! Decades of research suggests you have what it takes to become a successful real estate sales licensee if you can answer “YES” to 14 or more of these 20 questions: Are you generally interested in real estate? Are you one who normally performs well under […]

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Licensing: Let’s Talk About Earnings

How Much Money Can I Make In This Job? It’s the question asked by every one who thinks about entering real estate. They usually ask it first! Real estate sales licensees most often earn a commission for their efforts. The commission usually represents a percentage of the price at which clients bought or sold property. […]

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Licensing: Start With Good Questions

Knowing What To Ask Is Half The Battle! If you’re considering a career in real estate sales, we encourage you to talk with other people in and around the business. Have a conversation with agents, brokers, home insurers, mortgage lenders, appraisers, and anyone else with their hands in the business. Potential Questions You Might Pose […]

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Licensing: The Top Three Raves

Most people in real estate like the job for these Top Three reasons: It’s a people business If you like working with people and helping them make their dreams come true, you will find it satisfying. Real estate sales provides a meaningful service that enhances peoples’ lives. It’s a chance to be independent At many […]

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Licensing: What The Job’s Really Like

You’ll Be A Self-Starter, So You Must Be Motivated! Real estate is, above all else, a business. A career in real estate allows you to become an entrepreneur, a self-starter, without the large amount of money typically needed for start-up expenses. You’ll put in a decent amount of hard work, though, and some of it […]

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Licensing: Best Test-Taking Strategies

Read these through test taking strategies before you take a state licensing exam. Don’t be a careless reader. Ensure that you understand what each question says, and not what you think it says. Be particularly careful of negative questions. Read the stem of the question before considering each answer to ensure accuracy. Do not base your […]

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Licensing: Working Part-Time Or Full-Time

In real estate, time really IS money. One frequently asked question in phone calls to Polley Associates is, “Can I work real estate part-time?” The answer is “yes.” Lots of people work part-time in real estate, and many are successful. One joy of a real estate career is that it allows you to be your […]

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