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Licensing PA

Licensing PA: What Tests Will I Take?

You’ll take two of Polley’s tests, and then you’ll take the licensing exam Yes, two. Each course, Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice, by state law must end with a supervised (otherwise known as “proctored”) test. You must earn a score of 70 or better on each to pass. Don’t worry. Thousands of people take and […]

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Licensing PA: Live Course Attendance

What’s expected in attending a PA real estate live course? Punctuality is important. Learners should be on time and attend all class sessions of their courses. Minimum attendance of at least 80 percent of any state-approved course (usually 7, 15 or 30 hours in total length) is required to attain a satisfactory attendance record. Learners with less than […]

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How To Get A Sales License In NJ, If Already Licensed In PA

CompuCram Prepares You For The NJ License Exam New Jersey’s Instructions On The Subject For Pennsylvania-licensed real estate salespersons who wish to obtain a sales license in New Jersey, the New Jersey State Real Estate Commission has issued a one-page guide on the topic (below). How Polley Associates Makes The Task Easier Most Pennsylvania licensees are interested in […]

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Licensing PA: Get The ‘Best Start’ Possible

Best Start: An entry-level real estate business development program The first 90 days are the most critical for newcomers to real estate sales. They succeed in getting a license but lack basic knowledge of the real estate business or salesmanship, and so become discouraged and leave the field before enjoying success. Our Best Start seminar […]

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Licensing PA: Best Start Supplement

Instructor Joe Zlomek says “thanks for coming back!” This page has been created specifically for participants in Polley Associates’ Best Start seminar. It links to slide presentations that we either lacked time to complete, or that offer additional or review-worthy information. Joe Zlomek, your instructor, says thanks!, for both joining him in class and for […]

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How To Get A PA License Through Reciprocity

Pennsylvania and license reciprocity The state of Pennsylvania in December 2003 passed legislation that creates license reciprocity agreements between it and other states. Reciprocity means you can apply to Pennsylvania for a real estate sales license without having to take its licensing exams, so long as you intend to keep active your license from a reciprocal […]

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