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Designations PA

Designations PA: How They Differ From Certifications

Some courses conducted by Polley Associates result in certifications or designations in real estate for those who successfully complete stated requirements. What’s the difference between them? What’s a designation? Designation courses most often require that participants complete and successfully pass an examination at the end of their education. Passing grades on designation exams vary, but […]

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Designations PA: SRS Gives Licensees An Edge In Listings

NEWTOWN SQUARE PA – At the heart of every real estate agent’s successful business is his or her ability to get a listing, effectively market the listed property, and complete its sale under terms most advantageous for the seller. The Seller Representative Specialist® (SRS®) designation course taught by Polley Associates focuses intently on these and complementary […]

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Designations PA: Satisfy Buyer-Client Demand As An ABR

NEWTOWN SQUARE PA – Buyer representation continues to be one of the real estate industry’s hottest trends. Tens of thousands of agents across the country have become Accredited Buyer’s Representatives® (ABR®). Many earn hefty incomes representing buyers exclusively. That’s because buyers have demonstrated their willingness to pay for specialized representation. Due to abundant media coverage, […]

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Designations PA: What’s Offered?

Polley Associates offers the following designation courses. Each is accompanied by a brief description and links to its corresponding website for more information. Accredited Buyer Representation The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation is intended for real estate buyer agents who focus on working directly with buyer-clients. Those interested in earning the designation receive 1) education […]

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