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Broker PA

What’s That Real Estate Broker License Class About?

The what, where, and when of Polley broker classes Here’s a list (below) of Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission-approved broker license classes offered by Polley Associates. Polley offers both  “live” (led by an instructor in a classroom) and online (Internet accessible) classes. Polley Associates’ real estate broker license classes are periodically offered at classrooms in […]

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Broker PA: ‘Required,’ ‘Developed,’ And ‘Elective’

A real estate broker’s education is really in-depth State law demands Pennsylvania brokers be as knowledgeable as possible about the ins-and-outs of real estate. To that end, it requires prospective broker licensees to take 240 hours of specialized education before they qualify to sit for the licensing exam. Every 15 hours of authorized education equals […]

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Broker PA: Which Courses Are Available Online?

What PA broker courses does Polley offer online? The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission has approved only four: Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Valuation of Residential Property, Basic Residential Appraisal Principles, and Basic Residential Appraisal Procedures. These are classified as Commission-approved, or elective, courses. To learn why course tiers make a difference to broker candidates, read […]

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Broker PA: Broker Requirements, Qualifications

So how do I qualify for a broker’s license? To qualify for a broker license you must: Be at least age 21 or older; Hold at least a high school diploma or its equivalent; Have operated as a Pennsylvania-licensed real estate sales person for a minimum of three years; Complete 240 hours of specialized education. […]

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Broker PA: How Brokers Are Legally Different

What’s the difference between a real estate broker and a sales person? There are two practical differences. First, the relationship between a broker and salesperson is much the same as that of an employer and employee. A broker operating his or her own office under state law must supervise and oversee all licensees working from […]

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Broker PA: It’s What You Know That Counts

Obtaining a real estate broker license is among the highest achievements in the real estate business. Only a small percentage of all real estate licensees are brokers. And although a broker licensee can, if he or she chooses, strike out alone and open a brokerage, many become brokers for a far different reason. The knowledge. […]

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PA Broker Exam Prep Basics

Why should I be interested in PA Broker Exam Prep? Polley Associates’ Pennsylvania Broker Exam Prep Class will increase your test-taking skills, provide targeted study materials, ensure you study the right information, and identify weak areas in your knowledge base. You will benefit from our veterans instructors’ extensive knowledge about the PSI broker exam content […]

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Get A Broker License In PA, If Already A Broker Elsewhere

Individuals who hold real estate broker’s licenses in other states are occasionally interested in obtaining a similar license in Pennsylvania. This page has been created to help address their needs. It consists of four sections: Pennsylvania and license reciprocity Preparing for the Pennsylvania law test If you lack sufficient education … Learn about our Out-Of-State […]

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Broker PA: Attorneys As Brokers

Education’s usually not a problem. Experience may be. An increasing number of attorneys-at-law who practice in Pennsylvania inquire about obtaining a license to sell real estate. Some simply want to expand their skills, talents and abilities. Some want to prepare for a client’s future needs. Some intend to sell real estate as an adjunct to […]

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Broker PA: Download Our Free Broker Guide

Quickly know and do what you need to become a Pennsylvania real estate broker. We’ve made it even easier to earn a real estate broker license in Pennsylvania. There’s a lot to know, to learn, and to prepare for on the road to becoming a real estate broker in Pennsylvania. Broker candidates can sometimes be […]

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